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Translating and Editing

These two services normally go together. In fact we almost never provide translating without having a native speaker of the target language edit the translator's work.

Copy editing

Maybe you have translated the text yourself or written it in the target language and would now like to have the result checked by a native speaker. That is when we provide  editing service on its own.


Proofreading is generally something that happens before a text is published. We have translated and edited your website, report or monograph and the result has now been inserted into the design. It just needs one last check before it gets printed or published online


If you need an interpreter at a meeting or you are organising a conference with international participants, we can provide interpreters as well as a full package with all the equipment you need.

Project managing

Maybe you want to publish a report or a catalogue for an exhibition or conference and since you are busy with other aspects of the project, you need someone else to manage this publication. We can manage the whole process for you – liaising with authors, managing the translation and delivering all the text material to the designer and printer. 


Need subtitles for a film or video? Not a problem. We can provide a simple translation or a fully time-coded file ready for use. 

Style guides

We are accustomed to preparing our own tools to support our team during longer projects or with long-standing clients. We can develop Tone of Voice documentation or style guides so you can guarantee consistency of style and voice from department to department, year after year. 

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