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Glossaries & Termbases


Key terminology at your fingertips

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We gather key vocabulary from your content and build a customised glossary tailored to your project or organisation to ensure everyone uses the same language. With website localisation or international projects, a multilingual glossary will support clear and consistent communication across languages. Your key terminology is brought together in one well-structured language resource complete with definitions or translations, so your team and stakeholders can easily keep up to date and stay consistent. Made available in the cloud, your glossary is an invaluable tool for collaborating in real time.

  • All your key terminology in one place

  • Structured term entries tailored to your needs

  • Cloud access for real-time collaboration


Leverage integration and automation

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Discover the strength of advanced terminology management with our termbases service. Going beyond basic glossaries, termbases provide more detailed terminology entries and seamlessly integrate with translation software. Enjoy lightning-fast and reliable lookups for correctness and consistency, significantly reducing project turnaround times and costs. A well-maintained, up-to-date termbase empowers your team with precise terminology, elevating the quality and efficiency of multilingual projects. Detailed metadata, such as authors, reviewers, context and entry status, keeps you in control of your language requirements.

  • All the functionality of a basic glossary plus:

  • Detailed metadata

  • Integrations with language tools

  • Automatic terminology checks

Termbase management

Stay in control of your language requirements

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We offer ongoing support to keep your existing termbase up-to-date and finely tuned. Our dedicated team updates and corrects existing entries based on ongoing projects and your feedback. We add new entries from your evolving projects, ensuring your terminology remains aligned with your needs. We maintain open communication with you, coordinating any new requirements or updates seamlessly. With termbase management, you can trust that your linguistic assets are always current, facilitating smooth, precise and efficient multilingual projects. Enjoy linguistic precision without the hassle, as your termbases evolve with your needs.

Terminology extraction

Your ideal starting point for language assets

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Whether you’re building a glossary for an ongoing project or checking the consistency of past translations, terminology extraction is your ideal starting point. Using specialist software, we scan and analyse your existing content to extract a comprehensive list of key terminology. The extracted terms can be integrated into language resources, such as a termbase, translation memory or style guide, and plugged into various software tools to run automated consistency checks, produce faster and more reliable translations, and enhance your terminology management.

Terminology check

The backbone of linguistic quality

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Terminology checks are a vital step in linguistic quality assurance, ensuring that your text meets the highest quality standards and your specific requirements. Using advanced terminology extraction and related language assets, we verify linguistic accuracy and consistency in your content more efficiently than a manual review, all the while making sure that powerful software and automation are backed by the equally crucial linguistic expertise and critical thinking of our reviewers.

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