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Machine translation & Post-editing

Machine translation

Streamline your translation projects

Document types

Unlimited words per day

Save time and resources with tailored machine translation solutions. We analyse your translation requirements, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of various machine translation (MT) and artificial intelligence (AI) options. We work closely with you to determine if MT/AI suits your needs, addressing common quality limitations and copyright/confidentiality concerns. Explore pre-editing and post-editing for improved quality.

  • Choose from major MT providers

  • Customise with glossaries/termbases

  • Apply adaptive/interactive MT output

  • Use translation memories from previous projects

  • Benefit from advanced quality assurance


Prepare your content for machine translation

Document types

12,500 words per day

Kicking your translation workflow off with a pre-edit will ensure the best possible machine translation (MT) output down the line. Our pre-editing expertise includes proofing against typical errors made by MT and AI systems. We focus on grammar and spelling, streamline sentence structure, simplify and standardise vocabulary, remove ambiguities, and address inconsistencies. Pre-editing can significantly speed up multilingual projects, reducing the need for extensive post-editing in each target language.

Light post-editing

Enhance your machine translations for clarity

Document types

15,000 words per day

Light post-editing ensures that MT content is clear and comprehensible to subject-matter experts. Before getting to work on the content, we begin by reading the entire source material to understand its context. We apply translation software and built-in quality assurance tools to catch omissions/additions and inconsistencies. Identifying common errors made by MT and AI systems allows us to efficiently enhance their output, addressing issues such as factual errors, pronouns and tenses, basic coherence, core meaning, and formatting.

Full post-editing

Elevate machine translation to human standards

Document types

7,500 words per day

Full post-editing can achieve human-comparable translation quality for select language pairs, subject areas and text types. It is a cost-effective and fast alternative to human translation while ensuring that your quality requirements are met. Often accompanied by pre-editing for optimal results, our full post-editing service includes all the features of light post-editing and goes further by addressing presentation, consistency and terminology. For stylistic integrity, you can rely on our house style or select from a range of major style guides.

Experienced first-language editors

Fast turnaround of up to 20,000 words per day

Unlimited questions and free reviews

Features & pricing*


Spelling and grammar


Obvious mistranslations


We flag all issues or fix the issue if a solution is readily available.


Unlimited reviews

Full post-edit

from €0.05 per word

Light post-edit

from €0.03 per word


from €0.02 per word

Machine translation

from €25

We flag all issues or fix the issue if a solution is readily available.

We fix all issues in this category.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

* All prices are quoted without VAT.

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