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Welcome to our world, where language is much more than dictionaries and rulebooks. With a deep appreciation for the rules of the game – and the wisdom enshrined in them – we look beyond to grasp the lived experience. In a sense, we are in the mind-reading business, helping bring writers closer to their readers.


Our method is simple. With every text, we ask ourselves: Do I get it? Do I feel it? Does it jump off the page?


First established in 2002 as a family business offering translation and copyediting in English and Estonian, Refiner now works in most major world languages as well as all the Baltic Sea region languages. The core of our operation has always been our team of linguists, carefully built over the years. With a foot in research and academia, we focus our services around a passion for how language works and approach every project with an open, design-thinking mindset.


Behind it all is the democratic ideal of using clear and simple language to make the author’s unique voice and ideas accessible to a broader readership.

Get in touch and let’s make language work.

What brings us together is a love for language, but even more than that, we are problem solvers, and we care about how you think and what you stand for.  We love doing things with words.


With two decades of experience as a linguist, localisation team lead and business owner, Margus brings industry understanding, a flair for language and an appreciation for the human condition.

Margus Elings

Managing partner

With PhDs in Philosophy and Classics, Simon brings a passion for knowledge and academic rigour. His intellectual curiosity and commitment to learning drive him to bring out the full potential of every text.

Simon Barker

Chief editor

Who we are and
what we care about

We are builders and problem solvers.

We live to explore new perspectives.

We dig deeper to achieve flow.

Doing things with words
We love making language work.

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