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Estonian Human Development Report 2019/2020

Exploring Estonia's spatial evolution and its impact on urban policy and society

politics, public administration, science, science-to-public, society, editing, proofreading, reference formatting, style guides, translating


Refiner's recent project involved copyediting and translating the Estonian Human Development Report 2020. Titled "Spatial Choices for an Urbanised Society", the report delves into Estonia's spatial development, focusing on urban policy and public space. It highlights the nation's progress in human development juxtaposed against growing regional disparities. The report provides an in-depth look at how economic activities concentrated in urban areas like Tallinn impact governance, the economy and quality of life, and emphasises the need for inclusive urban planning and diverse public spaces.

Visit the Estonian Cooperation Assembly's website to find out more about the EHDR project or read the full report here.

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