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Estonian Foreign Intelligence Yearbook 2024

Translating the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service's annual security report

politics, society, translating


This sobering analysis looks at the security situation in the Baltic Sea region within the wider European context and beyond. It examines Russia’s pivot back towards a Soviet-style mass army propped up by an increasingly totalitarian system at home while fighting its ugly war of attrition in Ukraine. On a more global scale, China’s heavily ideologised foreign-policy ambitions are underpinned by efforts to export an invasive technology ecosystem targeting European critical infrastructure and private homes alike.

Refiner has provided English translations for the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service's public reports since 2019.

Read more in the full report here and explore previous publications on the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service’s website.

Image: A rare glimpse of reality - Russia's recruitment campaign an inadvertent portrayed as the fast track to a “meat grinder” Source: Internal Security and Estonia 2024 / Telegram

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