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EMI's Annual Report

Recording the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory's 2022 milestones

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We are excited to share the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory's (EMI) Annual Report for 2022, a year that marked significant progress in its mission to document and educate on the impacts of communism in Estonia and beyond. The report highlights key initiatives, including the ongoing development of the International Memorial Museum for the Victims of Communism at Patarei Prison in Tallinn and the successful season of its exhibition area. The Institute has actively engaged in raising public awareness and educational work, featuring exhibitions and various programmes designed to deepen the understanding of Estonia's historical experiences.

A cornerstone of EMI's work in 2022 was its scholarly research focusing on the collection of oral histories through the Kogu Me Lugu / Gather Our Story portal, which continues to enrich the narrative of those affected by communism. The report also notes an increase in visitors to the Communist Crimes Portal, underscoring the growing interest in a critical period of history.

Significant strides were made in compiling data on the victims of communism, an essential step in honouring their memory and understanding the full scope of communism's impact. EMI's educational programmes expanded from summer schools to comprehensive training programmes, aiming to educate future generations on the complexities of this historical era.

The report also covers research on Estonians living in Sweden, the experiences of Estonian war refugees, and the Institute's numerous events and exhibitions throughout the year.

This annual report is not just a recount of the past year's activities but a testament to the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory's commitment to preserving the truth about Estonia's past and educating for a better future. Our team at Refiner is deeply honoured to have contributed to EMI's significant efforts in 2022.

Read the full report here.

Image: Interior of the International Memorial Museum for the Victims of Communism at Patarei Prison, Tallinn Source: Estonian Institute of Historical Memory Annual Report 2022

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